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  1. Mosaic Reel (1X)

    a Multi-Media "Umbrella" Reel.
    Mosaic is our collaborative, our collective.
    Director: Franco Galvan
    Producer: Chelo Ruiz
    Head of Clients: Manni Ruiz
    Motion Graphic Titles: Galvan

  2. The Lotus - HC teaser

    “In the near future the outlaw will re-imagine the American Dream.” - The Lotus

    Coming Soon

  3. The Lotus - Rough Cut trailer 7a

    The year is 2019. The U.S. currency has dropped to record lows. To maintain economic relevance the National Security Agency has gotten heavy into the bearer bonds trade.

    The idea is that these bonds will sky rocket in value when everything gets back to "normal".

    The situation has led some agents to go rogue.

    - The Lotus

    Coming Soon

  4. The Lotus (a full rough cut)

    (Request to View)

    Feature Film

  5. Bankroll

    Music Video
    Artist: Allen Lucas

  6. GUCCI (Spec 1)

    Spec Commercial