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  1. Obituary (Version 2)

    Music Video
    Artist: Allen Lucas

  2. The Lotus - HC teaser

    “In the near future the outlaw will re-imagine the American Dream.” - The Lotus

    Coming Soon

  3. GUCCI (Spec 2)

    Spec Commercial

  4. Mosaic Reel (1X)

    a Multi-Media "Umbrella" Reel.
    Mosaic is our collaborative, our collective.
    Director: Franco Galvan
    Producer: Chelo Ruiz
    Head of Clients: Manni Ruiz
    Motion Graphic Titles: Galvan

  5. Bankroll

    Music Video
    Artist: Allen Lucas

  6. The Lotus (a full rough cut)

    (Request to View)

    Feature Film